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postheadericon 4 Kitchen Accessories You Need to Consider

Kitchen accessories are meant to make your everyday life easier around the kitchen. The following are the 4 kitchen accessories you need to consider.

  1. Cutting Boards

These are arguably one of the most essential accessories in your kitchen. It’s almost impossible to cook without a chopping board. Here are a number of useful things to know about them.

  • You require a bigger one than you actually think. Get the largest one that your counter can fit. Although you might think that a small board will work just fine, an extra-large one will give you lots of room to chop your onions and tomatoes without them piling on top of each other.
  • Bamboo chopping boards are all the rage right now. They’re light-weight, reasonably priced, and attractive. These boards are eco-friendly and they are a sanitary choice.
  • While bamboo and wood boards are the ideal option for the majority of dicing and chopping, get a medium-sized plastic board for your raw meat. That way, you won’t run the risk of cross-contamination. Also, you can sanitize your plastic chopping board in the dishwasher.

  1. Dish Drainers

A good dish drainer should be durable, stable, have low-maintenance, and be reasonably priced. A stable rack will hold a heavy load of pots, pans, glassware, and dishes. The rack should drain effectively and be versatile enough to work with a variety of sink styles. If you’re looking for a dish rack that you won’t have to replace every other time, a high-quality stainless-steel dish drainer is your best bet. Plastic models have problems of discoloration or mold over time.

Dish racks are all about durability and mold management. A good dish rack ought to hold up to everyday use for a minimum of 3 years, although ideally 5 or more. Great mold managers have fewer or no crevices or tight corners where gunk or water can easily get trapped. This also means that they are easier to clean.

  1. Colander

If you’re cooking in the kitchen, you need a good colander as your arsenal. From washing vegetables to draining pasta, rinsing grains, and rice, a colander is no doubt indispensable. Here’s what you should know when it comes to purchasing the best colander.

  • Colanders with fine mesh are great for draining and rinsing small-grained foods like orzo, quinoa, and rice. They are also good for straining particles from a liquid or solids from stock.
  • Buy colanders that have feet which will hold the base above the bottom of your kitchen sink; therefore, ensuring the water drains easily and faster. Another option is getting one with extendable arms that will suspend the colander over the sink.
  • Planning on buying only one? Get a colander that’s almost the size of your pot in which you boil potatoes or pasta so that you’ll know the foods will fit.
  1. Cream Cleaner

It’s easy for stainless steel kitchen accessories, including kitchen sinks and taps, to water spot. If not cared for properly, they can begin to rust. A cream cleaner comes in handy when cleaning your stainless-steel items including the kitchen taps and mixers. Some of its advantages are it:

  • Breaks down dirt, grime, and grease
  • Does not dull your stainless-steel items
  • Removes soap scum
  • Removes rust
  • Polishes and shines