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postheadericon Installing Double Pane Glass Windows

Installing energy efficient double pane glass windows is fast, replacing regular wooden or single pane windows. For great reasons, double pane windows are great at keeping your indoor temperature at a stable and comfortable level. As the name suggests, they have two panes of glass that cut the loss of heat in the house significantly. In the summer, energy-efficient windows help keep the heat out and save you the cooling bill. In the winter, the windows also keep the temperature in check by reducing drafts and maintaining nice interior warmth that may not be the case outside.

The windows look amazing on houses can thus improve the resale value of the house. As beautiful and as the money saving as they can be, energy efficient double pane windows are not simply easy to install due to the heaviness and fragile nature of the glass. But I hope the steps below will help you somehow get the job done. You will need screws and a screw gun, as well as indoor or outdoor waterproof caulking for the installation. Keep all materials needed within reach to minimize moving about too much and thus endangering the chances of breaking the windows before they even get installed. You must also get a couple of helping hands as there is quite a bit of lifting here and there.

In the first step, get the caulk and instill an ample amount of caulk on the sill of the whole window frame. The goal is to securely cover the air gaps through which cold air may enter your house or room. Put an ample amount of caulk to tighten the fit, have no mercy on the air.

Next, have your helper help you place the window gently and securely in its position.

Using the screw and the screw gun, screw down the window into the already drilled holes in the frame. You must be very careful in this step because any mistake can lead to the glass shattering.

After screwing the window in place, you can now test your work to be sure it is securely fitted and functioning. Open the window and close again, checking for an odd fit. If all is well, clean the glass for marks or caulking residue.

Now, you are ready to frame your window. Install the window frame. Screw in the frame around the double pane window. You have completed your job. The result is often great, although you might need to retouch some of the painting around the window area.


Upon buying your window, be sure to check the double pane windows that have the appropriate U-Factor for the region you reside in. There are different requirements for the windows installed in various climate regions. The U-factor really is the measure of how much heat is transferred through the windows or walls. Lower U-factors are deemed better at insulating than higher U-Factor.

Something to also check is the low-e films or coating options. Low-e glass apparently is more able to reduce energy escape from home because it has low emissivity film or coating on it. Thus, shop well before you buy your window panes.