postheadericon The proximity of summer makes people buy an air conditioner to put at home

After all, high temperatures usually hit records at this time of year! However, soon after the acquisition, some residents are in doubt as to where to install the air conditioner. Most end up choosing to put it in the bedroom, but do not know which is the best position (above the bed or at the top of the wall, for example) to fit the device. In order to know more about the Air conditioning installation Geelong, one can always choose the internet. To end this impasse, we’ve put together the main tips for you to know how to choose the location of the installation. Check out the instructions and take full advantage of your new air conditioning!

Choose the room with attention

Whoever has just purchased an air conditioner should install it in the most frequented environment of the residence. There is no use putting the equipment in the living room if the family spends most of the time outside the home. In this type of situation, the best room becomes the bedroom, where the residents can have more pleasant nights of sleep, with total thermal comfort.

Be careful with the structure of the property

The air conditioner should not be coupled on a surface filled with electrical installations or water and sewage pipes. Taking this care, the owner of the house avoids accidents caused by possible leaks and also does not compromise the structure of the property.

Escape the obstacles of good refrigeration

Some elements in the decoration, such as curtains, blinds and sturdy furniture (wardrobes and panels, for example), can prevent air circulation and, consequently, delay the total cooling of the environment. Therefore, prefer to install air conditioning on surfaces free of these obstacles.

Avoid walls that get too sunny

When installed in walls that receive a high incidence of sunshine, the air conditioner can have its yield hampered, as surface heating increases the ambient temperature and makes the appliance work even more to ensure refrigeration.

Decide the best position to install the air conditioner

After choosing the room and the appropriate surface, it is time to decide how to position the appliance. To do so, we must take into account some rules. For health reasons, the appliance cannot be installed in direct contact with people. In the bedroom or living room, place it above the place where the residents sleep or sit. On the wall, prefer to fit it as high as possible, with a distance of 15 cm from the ceiling for easy cleaning. In this position, the cold air will be uniformly released. If possible, centralize the air conditioner on the wall to optimize space cooling.

Pay attention to the external structure

Appliances that have external units, such as the split model, need to be installed on well leveled walls and free moisture. Those who live in buildings must redouble their attention, since the noise emitted by the air conditioning may violate the rules of good living together. Therefore, before installing the appliance, check the regulations of your condominium. With these instructions, we hope you can choose the appropriate location to install the air conditioner. And remember to count on the help of specialized professionals to carry out the correct installation.

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